A question to find an answer for

“Is it worth it”?

A question you always try to find an answer for. This is the question you might have encountered in many small to large decisions you take whether in terms of playing small pranks on your friends, to career choices you made, to effort you put in to follow your passion, to taking risks for sheer joy, to starting your own venture, to investing etc.

At every little juncture you had that choice to follow through or a choice to really push yourself and see its worth. …

2 days ago, I was riding my electric bike and as the signal turned red I stopped. I saw these 2 little children with their mom near the signal sitting on the divider of the road.
They seemed siblings to me. The little girl directed her small brother to go towards me and sell keychains. Maybe, I looked like a prospective customer to her. Her brother refused to go, so she came near to my bike and was trying to sell keychains to me.
I said I don’t require keychains . She stayed there and observed my bike and was amazed to…

Sajhe Sapne Training Center

Recently we went for a workation to Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. We stayed at Linger — The Earth House, Palampur.

During our workation, we got to meet some interesting people who have left urban life to move to rural areas and are working from there. Thanks to our friends @Harpreet Grover and @Bhakti Thakare for inviting us to join them at such a beautiful place and making us meet some localites out there.

One of them was @Surbhi Yadav, Founder & CEO of Sajhe Sapne. …

Abstract: How micro learning experiences can be embedded in our education delivery system to create a meaningful learning experience for learners and a sense of belongingness to their local community?


After building my company and interviewing many engineers in the process of hiring, I found that many engineers have degrees but many lack understanding and logical ability to think. Dissatisfaction & disappointment with the lot of engineers with degrees we were producing made me think deeper about the issue and the problem that persists within our education system which does not lead people to be creative problem solvers. …

My younger daughter who is 3 years old had a string in her hand and she was trying to wrap this string around the knob of a drawer, while I was busy on my phone and suddenly I heard her calling me. I asked her what happened? She said can you help me to wrap this string around the knob. So I asked her “Why do you need to wrap it around?”. She didn’t reply. I asked her again “Why you want me to wrap this string around the knob?” She didn’t reply again. I knew she wanted to try…

After many years I must have stepped into SBI’s branch office to close my account as it was dormant for a long time. The manager at the branch office asked me to be present in real time with my ID card to close my account.

I reached there on counter no. (11), there was a lady sitting there with piles of documents and as soon as I approached her, she said the internet is slow out here, it is so difficult to even operate. I just listened to her. She asked me a couple of questions why I wanted to…

16 years ago, when I took my first job, my mom, my first financial advisor gave an advice to me, “ Save Enough, before you start spending”. I did that.

My father my second financial advisor, after I had saved enough, guided me to start putting money in Fixed Deposits. I did that.

My ex colleague told me that if you are putting money in Fixed deposits, you might as well give it to me, I will give you more returns. So I asked him how? He said invest in Shares, so I went to my dad and said I…

Paan shop & Green Energy

Today me and my husband went for a morning walk. Normally we take our walks on the Sabarmati Riverfront, today we decided to take another route and what we discovered: a small Paan ka gala (Shop) situated at the corner of the roads running its electricity through a Photovoltaic Panel. His shop is just a small cubicle, maybe 200sqft. We asked him questions regarding the photovoltaic panel and its generation and how long it lasts etc. …

Online Class

Recently, there have been many surveys, skepticism of parents related to schools and online education for primary class, whether it’s right for this age group or whether it is as effective as physical education in school. I guess no one knows the answer unless it will be tried, improved & reassessed to adapt to the new ways of learning.

With Covid19, we don’t know whether schools will be able to operate in the same way as earlier.

Schools, Educators & Parents will have to definitely think and come up new approaches in how education can be made effective, not just…

By:Meena Shah

I have been thinking about “New Normal” these days and was wondering how it is going to shape up our new world. Everyone is talking about technology, innovation, sustainability etc.

But after watching “Inside Bill’s brain”, a netflix series on Bill Gates; he said a word “OPTIMIZATION” and it stayed with me for some days, I realised that the New Normal we are talking about is all about “OPTIMIZATION” of our “INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS”.

If we look at the theoretical definition of “OPTIMIZATION”, it is “the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.”


Meena Shah

Cofounder |Chief Thinker | CTO | Technical Strategist @iView Labs

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